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Target Setting
Key performance indicators
Understanding how your business is performing now is key to creating challenging but achievable environmental KPIs.

Greenshare maps and presents this data in a number of reports. You may wish to set a 5% packaging weight reduction by 2010 for example. Greenshare can demonstrate this through charting and data collection functionaility, but more importantly it can be used to identify where the best areas to focus are to achieve the target.

You can easily specify targets at a product, brand or business unit level. Greenshare tracks the data and will report how you are achieving the targets.
Dashboard reporting
Dashboard reporting provides one of the most important 'at a glance' views of any of your products in the Greenshare system. You have the choice of which metrics you view.

The green to red indicator shows how your product is performing against other products across your business globally.

The dashboard provides the visual to the barcode scanning feature and can be made available to anyone within your business, including suppliers and franchise manufacturers if required.

Using the bar code to access individual product sustainability data also provides users with a unique opportunity to let consumers access data directly and to interact with the brand.

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