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Sharing Best Practice
Sharing best practice on environmental issues is key to reducing your businesses impact on the environment. With Greenshare you can share your data across business units, brands, manufacturers and much more.

Greenshare enables your business to share and report information in such a way that can shape your decision making on new product development and supply chain planning.

Greenshare enables you to build custom reports that reflect the overall environmental performance of your business. Reports can classify your data into the groups that suit your business. You might choose brand, fill line technology, packaging type, manufacturer, business unit for example.

Reports can be used for internal and external reporting. All methodologies behind the reports are accredited.

Some of our clients are setting KPIs on key environmental metrics such as CO2 emissions by brand or product category. Greenshare enables your business to create time-based reports yearly, quarterly or monthly.

With Greenshare you can share your data across your markets and categories to compare and contrast product and supply chain performance against environmental and sustainable metrics.

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