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Retailer Packaging Scorecards
Greenshare can help your business manage your responsibiity to provide Retailer Packaging Scorecards to your key accounts. Packaging data requests are becoming more common and more detailed.

Supporting these ongoing requests from more and more of your retail accounts is time consuming and requires resource. Greenshare is uniquely positioned to map your businesses data to each Packaging Scorecard electronically, leaving you to focus on your core business.
The Wal-Mart packaging scorecard was the first retail driven attempt at collecting packaging related supply chain facts from suppliers to allow them to evaluate themselves relative to other suppliers, based on specific metrics. The metrics in the scorecard evolved from a list of favorable attributes known as the “7 R’s of Packaging”; Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Renew, Revenue, and Read.

The metrics and their relevant weighting for the packaging scorecard are shown below. The weighting is the proportion to which the metric contributes to the final score:

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Package Production - 15%
Sustainable Material - 15%
Average Distance to Transport Material - 10%
Product to Package Ratio - 15%
Cube Utilization - 15%
Recycled Content - 10%
Recovery - 10%
Renewable Energy to Power Each Facility - 5%
Innovation Different from Energy Standard - 5%

Each metric has its own specific set of calculations and base data and is calculated on a product by product basis. Wal-Mart use a series of normalizing equations to rank the results across suppliers.

Greenshare collects and manages all of the information required for the Wal-Mart scorecard. Greenshare managed data is carefully mapped to Wal-Mart reference data and equations to facilitate exporting a bulk upload spreadsheet out of Greenshare in a format accepted by Wal-Mart.
Tesco have provided their suppliers with a packaging scorecard that collects some basic packaging material facts and figures. The Tesco Packaging Scorecard (TPSC) is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which has three parts; Supplier Details, Product List and Packaging Details.

Greenshare can be used to pre-populate and then update the Tesco Packaging Scorecard on a routinely basis.

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