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SAP Integration and API Web Services
Greenshare requires information from disparate parts of your business, however core data, such as product listings and bill of materials that usually reside on ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle can be transferred to Greenshare using our Application Programming Interface (API) Web Service.

We can also facilitate manual ways of getting information into the Greenshare platform using bulk upload spreadsheets and templates. Data is then usually refreshed on a periodic basis, usually bi-yearly or quarterly.
Web Services toolkit
Greenshare make it even easier to work with data using their Web Services toolkit.

The toolkit provides for a seamless data exchange, in real time, between Greenshare and client systems.

The web service technology allows integration with any system, for example, SAP or Oracle.

Using the Web services toolkit:
• client data consistency and accuracy is improved by removing data entry errors
• operational costs are reduced by removing the need for data entry

Additionally the real-time nature of the API also means that Greenshare will always present the most up-to-date picture of your business.

For example, you may send the data in a spreadsheet by email once a month, or transfer a CSV file. Greenshare will work your way, and transform the data supplied and pass it through to the standard web services.
Greenshare Web Services are made available securely over the internet. Access to these services   is secured uniquely for each client, and data exchanged is confidential and encrypted during transmission.

The toolkit facilitates a standard way of exchanging data with Greenshare, but clients can nominate to exchange data in a manner which is bespoke to their organisation.

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