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Greenshare is the leading enterprise platform for high volume FMCG manufacturing companies who wish to maintain control and visibility of their impact on the environment.

Greenshare works for clients across the globe, allowing them to track and compare product sustainability performance across all of their business operations.
Helping you to retailer
Since the introduction of the Wal-Mart scorecard (a system to track packaging consumption and environmental metrics) there has been increasing demand from retailers to better understand the environmental impacts of the products that are sold through their stores.

The data, whilst helping to reduce environmental impact has also facilitated cost savings through using less, being more efficient and purchasing more effectively.

Greenshare empowers the retailer's supply base to enter life cycle data on the products that they supply. This has been pioneered for a number of retailer private label brands and has provided increased transparency in packaging sourcing, use and cost across their third party vendor base.

Greenshare is a platform that works for retailers to help them identify cost reduction programmes, manage and better understand the environmental impact of their products and their packaging that is processed through their stores.

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