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Carbon Labelling
Consumers choose low carbon products
Product carbon labelling lets consumers know how much CO2 will have been emitted during the lifecycle of the product.

Similar to nutritional information that might show calories per 100grams, the carbon label would show grams of CO2 per 100grams for example. This will be an integral part of the information on the product packaging. Shown is the Carbon Trust product carbon label as piloted in the UK.

Carbon labelling is gaining momentum amongst manufacturers and retailers around the globe. Increased consumer awareness of the label is driving point of purchase decisions. The USA, UK and Japan are leading the way.
Carbon Footprinting with Greenshare
To produce a carbon label a full life cycle study of the product must be documented and will include data on the CO2 emissions relating to growing ingredients, transportation, storage, packaging, energy consumption, use of the product and disposal.

There is a large amount of data involved with just one single product lifecycle analysis. Multiply this up by the number of products and variants within your business and you are faced with a sizeable task.

In addition there are protocols and guidelines to produce a credible lifecycle analysis and there must be an audit trail as specified in ISO14064 documentation.

Greenshare manages your lifecycle data and produces your carbon label. Being web based we ensure transparency of this data across your sites globally.
PAS 2050
Greenshare follows the guidelines of the PAS 2050 which is a stand-alone open standard being developed in partnership between the Carbon Trust, the UK government Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the British Standards Institute (BSI).
Commitment to reducing your carbon footprint
Joining a carbon label scheme usually comes with a commitment to reduce your product carbon footprint over time. To achieve this you need to keep a history.

Greenshare tracks every change you make to your data and produces a time tracked view that demonstrably shows how that affects your carbon footprint. We can also tell you the areas that require the most focus and will offer you the most CO2 reduction.

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