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Greenshare gives you options
Greenshare roll out
We help you all the way with your Greenshare roll out program. Our experts work closely with your management team to discuss the best options for integrating Greenshare successfully.

You can focus on a small part of your business first, perhaps just one or two brand categories for example in order to understand the timescales and resource required to use Greenshare.

We offer a trial licence to provide a low cost low risk introduction to the platform.
Data management
Data collection and management can be handled in a variety of ways and we are flexible to your requirements.

We use sophisticated data mining tools to ensure the integrity of the data entered into the Greenshare system.
Project management
We provide full project management support to oversee all aspects of Greenshare, whether this is on the ground or back office support.

Our staff are Greenshare experts and are regularly deployed all over the world for existing clients. They can work on an adhoc basis or full time basis. Project managers can prepare reports that can help to share best practice across your organization.

We provide a Greenshare rate card specific to your business requirements.
Policy development
Greenshare provides insights in to how your business is performing from a sustainability/environment aspect. Reports and analysis can be used for target setting and aligning environmental KPIs globally.

The Greenshare data supports policy development and provides a starting point from which to measure your improvement over time.
Cost saving
Greenshare data provides a rich source of information for identifying cost saving projects. We are able to analyse data across your business and work up project proposals to reduce material and transportation costs.

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