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About Greenshare
Greenshare is owned, operated and developed by James Ross Consulting; a global manufacturing consulting,  technical support and analytical services company, with offices established in the UK, USA and Asia.

Greenshare is a web based platform that tracks supply chain facts in order to provide sustainable performance reports to drive business strategy and direction.

The system is flexible, easy to use and accredited by leading academic bodies. Greenshare is built on a modular platform, allowing it to develop and manage data across the full sustainability spectrum as requirements, legislation, scientific knowledge and market needs evolve. Greenshare provides data to support industry best practice and works globally at brand, business unit, market or enterprise level.
Greenshare will present information across a wide range of areas – from an individual product to time based analytical and strategic reports presented across countries, product categories and brands; all accessed securely on line.

Greenshare can connect and communicate sustainable performance reports across your business and is compatible with standard industry ERP systems.
Who uses Greenshare
Greenshare is designed for high volume FMCG manufacturing companies and retailers and is being used by some of the leading Fortune 500 companies.

Greenshare is a secure web service which enables your organization to have global access immediately without any software installation. We provide an open architecture to enable linkages with existing legacy systems or SAP and Oracle.

There are Greenshare users all over the globe and so in 2011 we will begin to offer Greenshare as a multi lingual web site to ensure that users can interact seamlessly with the platform.

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